Body Remedy is a developing organisation which has been created with the Black experience at the core of its inception and delivery. Body Remedy is an incubator for radical self-care through physical sessions and resources solely for womxn of colour and non-binary people of colour. Founded by Mele Broomes in 2019 and co-ran with Zoë Tumika / Guthrie


The impetus for this programme is to make steps towards caring for yourself.  We are working towards specific goals to contribute to health and well-being.Body Remedy endeavours to promote the value in self-care. The remedy is the body and this can be a great source to discover individual growth to healing.

Classes are currently free of charge. However, we take donations to support the running of the classes. Body Remedy currently offers financial support for travel, child care and access where possible. We would like to voice the importance of community support. Though the intention is to keep the classes free. Going forward we will be looking at models that generate financial income. We ask that if you are able to make a donation, please do. We are currently trying to navigate making these classes accessible to those who need it, whilst allowing this Black owned organisation to flourish.