Dance Through Depression by Amanda Ajomale

I think there’s a reason that Body Remedy is called Body Remedy. Not to put words in anyone’s mouth, but it does seem pretty simple to me.

When Mele first started the course, she spoke about it as if it had healing properties. A health and well-being course open to all, with absolutely zero expectation of fitness level. All that was required was a body.

Simple, no?

Her goal was to promote physical movement as a means of healing physical and mental trauma, exclusively for female and non-binary people from non-European backgrounds. By allowing us the space and time to dedicate just one hour a week to improving our physical strength and flexibility, Body Remedy challenged us to further understand our bodies, and thus, have a better relationship with ourselves. You know, self-care.

From a personal standpoint, I can 100% say that that’s what first drew me to it. Early 2020 say a shift in my body, from birther, to post-partum wanderer. And pregnancy pretty much turned my entire equilibrium upside down.

No, I mean it. It literally felt like my body was playing a weird game of tug-of-war with itself any time I had to put one foot in front of the other.

This body needed healing and the mind needed clearing, so, two months post-partum, when I was beginning to feel like “myself” again, that was my first point of call.

We started with an upbeat flow to music that opened the chest, allowing the love to flow from one beautifully melanated person to the next.

And I bloody loved it!

Meeting new people who liked the same things I did was just as important as being able to move freely again, so imagine my glee when I got both of those during those sessions. Tuesdays quickly became my favourite day of the week, because I knew that there would be at least one hour that I could dedicate to myself, to healing my body, and to bridging the spiritual gap between me and others like me, who were also taking the time to untie their metaphysical knots and dance to the rhythm of our music.

When the world moved online, we’d stretch, dance, check in with one another, and, on the occasional class, Baby Theo would make an appearance, crawling in and out of view on our Zoom sessions. But I didn’t care, because I was finally back to doing what I loved.



Enjoying being alive in this body that had endured so much self-inflicted crucifixion.

And I felt at peace with my mind knowing that I was once again on the path to recovery.

And as I notice my body changing once more, I remain grateful for the opportunity to connect with others while I heal both body and mind.

As I look back on the progress I have made this past year, I see that, not only has being a part of Body Remedy given me the kick I needed to get my body moving again, it has completely changed the way I relate with myself. I’m eating better, feeling better, and definitely looking forward to our next round of classes. Here’s hoping that by the time that happens, this Mama will get to go to a studio again and speak to people IRL.